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1/4. Self
You deal effectively with pressure. You are able to maintain focus and remain optimistic under adversity.
Leadership Presence
You display poise, authenticity and confidence. You can command a room and respect from others.
Self Confidence
You demonstrate confidence in your abilities without arrogance.
You are open to change, new information, and compromise. You are able to adapt rapidly in response to changing conditions and unexpected difficulties.
You demonstrate high standards of ethics and fairness. You instill mutual trust through your consistent actions and follow through on commitments.
2/4. Others
You seek to understand other's point of view. You foster open communication and dialogue.
Conflict Resolution
You uncover and resolve conflicts in a positive and constructive manner. You help people reach agreement.
You foster commitment, team spirit and trust. You consistently develop and sustain collaborative working relationships.
You have a point of view and gain cooperation from others to support your ideas.
Communication Skills
You communicate clearly and customize your message to your audience.
3/4. Ideas
External Awareness
You stay up to date on key economic, political, and social trends; and integrate this knowledge into your ideas.
You take initiative and are open to taking calculated risks.
Inspirational Vision
You create an inspirational vision of the future in your area of expertise. You are able to influence others to work towards that vision.
Strategic Thinking
You think many steps ahead, including anticipating obstacles, to determine the best course of action to accomplish your goals.
Creativity & Innovation
You develop and apply innovative solutions. You challenge the status quo with your ideas.
4/4. Results
You demonstrate focused attention to the right kinds of details without losing sight of the bigger picture, objectives, and deadlines.
Service Driven
You role model and encourage others to provide the highest quality of service.
Planning & Organizing
You establish systematic plans of action to accomplish objectives. You determine priorities and allocate time and resources effectively.
Coaching & Mentoring
You help others learn, grow, and improve performance through coaching and mentoring.
You get the job done regardless of the situation or any setbacks.
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